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PostPosted: Fri Aug 08, 2014 2:31 pm    Post subject: Guild POLL:Tournement OP or non OP?

Welcome,Welcome,Welcome! This is part of the guiild pvp tournement! So,we need to decide if the tournement will be op classes non op or op. OP=A class that will hit over 3k at lvl 10 and or is invisible in pvp.Suggestions of OPS: Alpha Omega,Pyromancer,Doomknight Overlord,Paladin Highlord,Arachnomancer,BattleMage,Blood Ancient,Darkblood Stormking,Blood titan,DeathKnight,Elemental Dracomancer,Evolved Shaman,Horc evader,Necromancer,Master Ranger,SkyGuard Grenadier,Soul Cleaver,Theif of Hours,Troll spellsmith,mage


On the other hand.... Theres non op classes  such as including... Warrior,Rogue,Healer,Undeadslayer,Doomknight,Undeadslayer,Dragonlord,Starlord,Defender,Bard,RustBucket/Rustbucket/Enforcer.

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